Thesaurus Term/Concept: SURVEY

Identifier 145131
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The non intrusive processes by which information is collected about the location, distribution and organisation of past human activities. The approaches can be either extensive or intensive depending the objectivies that need to be addressed.

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Context Record
Event Type ESF24073 Field survey of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment Orford Ness by English Heritage, June 2009 (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF24908 Field Survey of the Suffolk Coastand Intertidal Zone (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26980 Filter beds, Bury Sewerage Farm (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF23736 Heritage Asset Assessment - Brandeston Hall Barns, Great Waldingfield (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF26865 Heritage Asset Assessment - Dingle Stone House, Dunwich (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF24751 Heritage Asset Assessment - Folly Cottage, Grundisburgh (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26886 Heritage Asset Assessment - Stackwood Cottage, Monks Eleigh (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26911 Historical Assessment - 30 & 31 Church Road, Tattingstone (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25108 Rapid Surface Survey - Gashouse Drove, Brandon (Event - Survey)