Suffolk Parish Survey abbreviations

abbreviation meaning
asst. assistant
approx. approximate(ly)
B.A Bronze Age
BPP/Brit. Parliam.Pap. British Parliamentary Papers
Capt. Captain
cent/cnt. century
cont. continued
Col. Colonel
CRN Computer Record Number
d. died
d. penny
DC District Council
dept. department
DOE Department of the Environment
E. East
ed. editor
Gen. General
GLC Greater London Council
Gt. Great
HMSO Her Majesties Stationery Office
I.A. Iron Age
lnquis. Inquisition
Lt. Little
Lt./Lieut. Lieutenant
Med. Medieval
Mes. Mesolithic
Misc. Miscellaneous
MSS Manuscript
N. North (NW = north-west, NE = north-east)
Neo. Neolithic
Pal Palaeolothic
p. page
P. Perch/pole
p.a. per annum
p.m. post mortem
PMed. Post Medieval (circa 16th cent.)
Preh. Prehistoric unspecified
PSIA/Proc. Suffolk Inst. Proceedings of Suffolk Institute of Archaeology
£/li monetary pound
R. Rod/Rood
RAF Royal Air Force
rect. rectangular
Rev. Reverend
RD Rural District
RDC Rural District Council
RO Record Office (Bury St. Edmunds branch)
Rom. Roman
Rt.Hon. Right Honorable
S. South (SW = south-west, SE = south-east)
s. shilling
Sax. Saxon
SMR Sites and Monuments Record
sq. square
SRO (B) Suffolk Records Office (Bury St. Edmunds branch)
St. Saint
UDC Urban District Council
Un. Undated
USAF United States Air Force
VCH Victoria County History
Vol. Volume
WW I/II World War I/II
YMCA Young Mens Christian Association
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