Thesaurus Term/Concept: ROD

Identifier 97574
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A slender, cylindrical object. Use specific types of rod where possible. Where it is a rod of material which is part of a production process, eg a glass rod, use rod and enter the material in an object material field.

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Context Record
Find Type FSF42281: ROD (Early Saxon - 410 AD to 649 AD)
Find Type FSF45665: ROD (IPS: Early Anglo-Saxon to IPS: Early Middle Saxon - 550 AD to 655 AD)
Find Type FSF39620: ROD (IPS: Early Middle Saxon - 610 AD to 688 AD)
Find Type FSF50571: ROD (Late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age - 3000 BC to 1501 BC)
Find Type FSF49886: ROD (Later Prehistoric - 4000 BC? to 42 AD?)
Find Type FSF50449: ROD (Middle Bronze Age to Late Iron Age - 1600 BC to 42 AD)
Find Type FSF25521: ROD (Undated)
Find Type FSF45900: ROD (Unknown date)
Find Type FSF48116: ROD (Unknown date)
Find Type FSF45877: ROD? (Early Neolithic to Early Bronze Age - 4000 BC to 1501 BC)