Identifier 145135
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A technique that measures the amount of time it takes pulses of electromagnetic energy sent into the ground, from a transmitter, to reflect back from the interfaces between layers and other subsurface features in order to produce a subsurface profile.

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Context Record
Event Type ESF28325 Excavation and Borehole Survey, Barnham Heath (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF26167 Geophysical Survey - Area 1 to 4, Palace Manison and Palace Stables, Newmarket (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25629 Geophysical Survey - Bungay Castle (Event - Intervention)
Event Type ESF28320 GPR Survey Warren Woods, Santon Downham (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF23740 GPR survey: at four locations, Chapel Green / Cutlers Field / Primary School playing field / Melford Green Top, Long Melford (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25978 Ground Penetrating Radar - Abbey Farm, Hoxne (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26168 Ground Penetrating Radar - Palace Stable courtyard, Newmarket (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF25847 Ground Penetrating Survey, Clare Priory, Sudbury (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF22944 Magnetometer and Ground Penetrating Radar Survey, Henham Park, Henham (Event - Survey)
Event Type ESF26308 Test Pitting and GPR Survey, Barnham Heath (Event - Intervention)