Thesaurus Term/Concept: PUBLIC HOUSE

Identifier 68800
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The public house was a 19th century development, distinctive from the earlier BEER HOUSE by its decorative treatment and fittings.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF32253 1-2 Wherry Lane, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF36959 1-3 Fore Street (Spread Eagle PH), Ipswich (Building)
Monument Type MSF18594 13 Upper Brook Street, Ipswich, (IAS 3403). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF11247 Buttermarket Shopping Centre Development, Buttermarket and St. Stephens Lane, Ipswich (IAS 3104). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF41127 Farmstead: Bell Inn (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF44072 Farmstead: Black Horse Inn (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF40313 Farmstead: Buck Inn (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF43423 Farmstead: Half Moon Public House (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF42114 Farmstead: The Evergreen Oak (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF44385 Farmstead: The Maypole (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF44600 Farmstead: The Swan Inn (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF40150 Farmstead: The Swan P.H. Farm (Farmstead)
Monument Type MSF35231 King's Head (Building)
Monument Type MSF36990 Neptune Inn, 86-88 Fore Street, Ipswich (Building)
Monument Type MSF16530 Redlodge Warrener's Lodge; Red Lodge (PH) (Building)
Monument Type MSF18560 The Great White Horse Hotel, 37-47 Tavern Street, Ipswich, (IAS 1302). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35828 The Kings Head (Building)
Monument Type MSF32117 The Old Chequers, Boxford (Building)
Monument Type MSF31380 Turk's Head Public House, Hasketon (Building)
Monument Type MSF33372 White Hart Hotel (Building)