Thesaurus Term/Concept: FOLLY

Identifier 69013
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A structure, often found in 18th century landscape gardens, that demonstrates eccentricity or excess rather than practical purpose. They can take many forms - ruins, sham castles, towers, hermits' cells or grottoes.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF27361 11 Lower Brook Street garden, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2061 Barrow, or C18 landscaping feature ? Circa 15 feet high, 25 feet in diameter, beside road in corner of wood. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF22650 Euston Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSF11239 Eye Castle; Kerrison's Folly (PMed) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF13615 Helmingham Park; The Mount; Helmingham Hall (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35041 Land adjacent to 2 Benton Street (Building)
Monument Type MSF16067 Landwade Hall (site of) (PMed) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26843 Multi-period features, Former Tarmac Quarry, Flixton (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29509 Pmed Plantation, Pond and Folly at Roundfolly Plantation, Lackford (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14815 Tattingstone Wonder (Monument)
Monument Type MSF13612 The Folly (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12449 The Temple or Banqueting House, Euston Park (Monument)