Thesaurus Term/Concept: DROVE ROAD

Identifier 70266
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A road or track specifically used by drovers or herders to drive their animals to market.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF21427 Drove road and field system of unknown date, visible as cropmarks. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37668 Earthworks of braided tracks and routeways of probable medieval to post medieval date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF37232 Former trackway or drove of potential medieval to post medieval date at site of Game Farm prehistoric settlement (BRD 154). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26670 Land at Main Road, Martlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26554 Land off Felixtowe Road, Foxhall, Suffolk (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35062 Later prehistoric field system at Ipswich Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34561 OUTLINE RECORD: Bronze Age Burnt Mound and cremation cemetery, Iron Age D-shaped enclosure and Roman Enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33541 Possible Iron Age Droveway and other prehistoric to Roman features at Land Rear of 49-55 Schoolfield, Glemsford (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16990 Possible mound or droveway of unknown date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF24234 RAF Lakenheath Family Housing Management Facility (Monument)
Monument Type MSF19122 Red Hill Road/Lady Lane (Preh) (Monument)