Thesaurus Term/Concept: LITHIC SCATTER

Identifier 94213
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A spatially discrete, though sometimes extensive, scatter of lithic artefacts recovered from the surface, eg. by fieldwalking, rather than from a particular archaeological context. Use particular types where appropriate.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF22428 "Field 679" Waldringfield (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23601 1 Pinbush Road, South Lowestoft Industrial Estate, Carlton Colville, (Prehistoric). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF29605 2a Wingfield Road, Lakenheath, (Mesolithic-Neolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10136 Avenue Farm, Icklingham Plains, Icklingham, (Palaeolithic) (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF13410 Brook Farm, Lackford, (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF23034 Cavenham Heath, Cavenham (Later Prehistoric). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17178 Chippenham Road, Freckenham, (Mesolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2023 Church of St Mary, Pakenham. (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9620 Crossbank Farm, Kenny Hill, Lakenheath, (Mesolithic, Neolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4726 Dales Road, Ipswich, (IAS 8003), (Palaeolithic). (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF7018 Elveden, General 1 (Palaeolithic) (Poorly Located Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF10477 Field 126 (2), Clopton, (Mesolithic?). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10476 Field 126, Clopton, (Prehistoric). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF11380 Field 1421/1800, Carlton Colville, (Bronze Age?). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16388 Field 61 (tithe map), Blocka Hall Farm, Herringfleet, (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF181 Field Northeast of Dry Cavenham Mere (Mesolithic). (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF14216 Hollesley Bay Colony, (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20 Hollow Lane, Carlton Colville, (Mesolithic). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF41761 Icklingham General, (Mesolithic Items in Bristol City Museum) (Poorly Located Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF10332 Icklingham General, (Mesolithic Items in Cambridge Museum(s)) (Poorly Located Monument)
Monument Type MSF41760 Icklingham General, (Mesolithic Items in Gunnersbury Park Museum) (Poorly Located Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF41759 Icklingham General, (Mesolithic Items in Manchester University Museum) (Poorly Located Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF10331 Icklingham General, (Mesolithic Items in Moyses Hall Museum) (Poorly Located Monument)
Monument Type MSF13850 Ingham Quarry, Ingham, (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF20372 Knettishall Heath, Knettishall, (Mesolithic-Bronze Age). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15780 LNER, Little Saxham, (Palaeolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF2725 Lower Signal Hill, Hollesley, (Mesolithic). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF19057 Mason's Quarry, Field F4, Great Blakenham, (Prehistoric). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF21143 Near Brook Cottages, Bucklesham, (Prehistoric). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF455 Near the White House, Sproughton, (Mesolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9392 North of Long Plantation, Wangford, (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4316 Pipp's Ford, Coddenham, (Mesolithic). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4720 Portman's Walk, Recreation Road, Ipswich, (IAS 9601), (Palaeolithic). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF13826 RAF Lakenheath, (Prehistoric). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17714 Redhouse Farm, Bucklesham, (Prehistoric). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10920 South of Ashes Farm, Mendlesham, (Mesolithic). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF33505 South of Redgrave Fen, Redgrave, (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF453 Sproughton Knoll, Sproughton, (Mesolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8985 Stock Corner, Beck Row. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF22218 Stuston General, (Prehistoric) (Poorly Located Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF34253 Sutton General, (Mesolithic, Neolithic) (Poorly Located Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF11592 Tower Field, Rendlesham, (Prehistoric) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF4326 Upper Spring Cottage, Coddenham, (Palaeolithic). (Monument)
Monument Type MSF7928 Wangford, General (Mesolithic) (Poorly Located Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF22832 West of Abbey Farm, Eye, (Mesolithic) (PAS find)
Monument Type MSF4524 West of Railway, Sproughton, (Palaeolithic) (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF9253 West Row General, Mildenhall, (Mesolithic) (Poorly Located Find Spot)
Monument Type MSF6940 West Stow Country Park (Mesolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF6969 West Stow Heath, West Stow, (Mesolithic-Neolithic) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF26707 Worlington Quarry, Continuation of Phase 3, part of Phase 5 and Phase 7, Bay Farm, Worlington (Monument)
Monument Type MSF22863 Wortham Ling, (Terminal Palaeolithic-Later Prehistoric) (Monument)