Thesaurus Term/Concept: MORTUARY ENCLOSURE

Identifier 70089
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A subrectangular earthen enclosure defined by a ditch, usually with an internal bank, assumed to have been used for the primary exposure or burial of human remains in the Neolithic period prior to secondary burial elsewhere.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF3830 Cropmark of Oval Enclosure, Levington Hall (E of) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5082 Cropmark of possible long barrow (115 x 25 paces), W of Stratford Hall. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38093 Cropmark possible Neolithic long barrow or mortuary enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSF3651 Cropmarks of an irregular-shaped enclosure of unknown date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5936 Field boundaries, sub-rectangular and oval enclosures and ten ring ditches, all of unknown date and visible as cropmarks. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17556 Long, narrow, oval enclosure of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5618 Oval cropmark of a possible Neolithic long barrow (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5865 Possible long barrow of unknown date, visible as a cropmark. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5662 Possible long barrow, Smallbridge Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MXS20091 Possible Neolithic mortuary enclosure. (Monument)
Monument Type MXS22702 Possible remains of a Neolithic mortuary enclosure. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF38428 Section of undated curved bank and ditch. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15227 Site of small sub-rectangular or oval enclosure of unknown but possible prehistoric date (Monument)
Monument Type MSF34691 Site of small, sub-rectangular enclosure unknown date, possibly a Neolithic long barrow or mortuary enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5654 Small, irregular, oval enclosure or ring ditch of unknown date. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF5663 Smallbridge Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF8392 Sub rectangular and sub oval enclosures of unknown date. (Monument)