Thesaurus Term/Concept: INDUSTRIAL SITE

Identifier 69201
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An area or defined space believed to have been used for trades and/or manufacturing activity. Only use when evidence for more specific site type is lacking.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSF21617 Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Cemetery, Swallowfields, Bloodmoor Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10028 Area of "Old gun flint industries" defined on 6 inch record map by Rainbird Clarke. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14407 Atko; Suffolk Lawnmowers (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17200 Compartment 2059 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17470 Duke Street (PMed) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9885 Elms Plantation (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17051 Flint quarry, Elvedon Lodge (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16965 Forest Blocks 2006 & 2014 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF22651 Hall Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18017 Hazel Stub; Puddlebrook; North Field (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9917 Icklingham Breck; Seven Trees Breck; The Chalks (Monument)
Monument Type MSF13871 Jacqueline Close (Monument)
Monument Type MSF9884 Lingheath Flint Mines (Monument)
Monument Type MSF35636 Location of 19th Century Artificial Stoneworks, Flint Wharf, Ipswich, (Monument)
Monument Type MSF17266 Medieval cloth manufacturing industry (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14114 Mildenhall Turf Lock; New Lock; River Lark (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16967 Post medieval flint mine (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14541 Post Medieval flint mine and industrial site. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14705 Post medieval flint mines (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14706 Post medieval flint mines (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16970 Post medieval flint mines (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16966 Post medieval flint mines in Forest Block 3098 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16964 Post medieval flint mines in Mount Plantation (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16962 Post medieval flint mines, Mount Plantation (Forest Block 3057) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15570 Post Medieval flint working site. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF12373 Probable post medieval flint mines (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14020 Probable post medieval flint mines at Stonepits Plantation (Marlpit Brin) (Monument)
Monument Type MSF10027 Reported dumps of post medieval flint knapping waste (Monument)
Monument Type MSX27417 Site of a possible Post medieval enclosure or structure (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16910 St Clement's Yard, Coprolite Works, Ipswich. (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14107 The Harbourage; Peddars Lane; Ingate Road (Monument)
Monument Type MSF16961 The Mount; probable post medieval mound in Mount Plantation, Forest Block 3057 (Monument)
Monument Type MSF11246 Thetford Road, Brandon; Mounts Whiting works chalk pit (Monument)
Monument Type MSF15369 Undated mound, possibly a Bronze Age round barrow, in Mount Plantation (Monument)
Monument Type MSF18072 White House Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSF14908 Xylonite works (Monument)